• Do not post any fan fiction plushes
  • Do not post information about future games/birds/etc. without any reliable sources.
  • Do not speculate any information unless the information is heavily supported with reliable evidence.
  • Do not disrupt the format of a page unless if needed
  • Do not post any inappropriate language
  • Do not rename pages to your own preference
  • Do not post links leading to playing Angry Birds online
  • No advertising for other sites
  • Do not post any fack angry birds plush


  • No spamming, trolling
  • Do not vandalise
  • Do not insult other users.


  • Do not spam links to external sites
  • Do not display a bad attitude
  • No swearing
  • Do not come back onto chat if you were kicked.

Talk PagesEdit

  • Only use talk pages to discuss changes in the article
  • Do not comment under any section that has a closed discussion template