go to Angry Birds Plush Toys are stuffed animals of the characters. They are available in 4 sizes (5" , 8" , 12" , 16"), or as clip-on hangers (3"). There are currently 75 different plushies, some of which include sounds, while others don't. Angry Birds plush toys can be found at most stores that sell toys, such as Toys"R"Us, Wal-Mart and Angry Birds plush toys are also available in online stores, such as the Angry Birds Online Shop, ToyWiz, eBay and

The Atomic Bird, Fat Pig, Mauro, Mighty Dragon, Space Eagle, Boy and Girl Eggs, the Space Egg, the Freckled Pig, Zombie Pigs, the Developer Birds Jawas, Millennium Falcon, Emperor Piglatine, the Joke Birds and the characters from King Pig do not have a plush yet

The BirdsEdit


  • Black Bird and Boomerang Bird are the only plushes to go through design changes.
    • The old version of the Black Bird plush toy had a white spot on its forehead, as it does in the games. The new version doesn't have a white spot.
    • The old version of Boomerang Bird has an open beak. The new version has a closed beak. The third release of Boomerang Bird looks like he does in Angry Birds Rio.
  • The first release of the 5" Boomerang Bird, White Bird, most pigs (except Mustache Pig, Chef Pig and Cowboy Pig) and inflated Orange Bird are the only plushies with open mouths.
  • The Mighty Eagle, Marmoset, Hockey Bird and Nerdy Birdy are the only plushies to be released without any others along with it.
  • The Hockey Bird plush is not available in any websites or shops, but it can be found here.
  • The Helmet Pig is the only pig plush that is beaten up.
  • The Mighty Eagle is the most expensive plush, probably because it only comes in one size.

racters from King Pig do not have a plush yet.